This type of questions are purely based on similarity or similar relationship that exists between the alphabets,words, objects or things. Items are grouped together on the basis of similarity and the one to be picked out is that which does not belong to the group.
Types of Classification:

  1.  Alphabets Classification
  2. Words Classification
  3. Jumbled Letters Classification

Rules:  For Alphabet

  • Most of the rules of completion of series are applicable here.
  • Find out the similarity in the alphabetic grouping between the vowels and consonants.
  • Observe the frequency of vowels or consonants occurring in jumbled alphabet.
  • Note the repetition of letters and their frequency.

Rules:  For words
Seeke the possible relationship between the words to group them together.
In each of the following questions, there is one group of letters which does not belong to the other three groups.
For Example:
I            II            III               IV
CXDW    EVFU    GTHS         AZBZ

In CXDW in the first column, C is the third letter of the alphabet and X is third letter from last. Similarly, D is the fourth letter of the alphabet and W , the fourth from last. A similar relationship exists between E & V and F & U in II column and G & T and H & S in III column. In IV, there is no such relationship between B& Z . Hence, IV does not belong to the groups of letters.

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