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Privacy Policy:

We know that our users’ privacy is important and that is why we take it seriously. As we do not allow users’ registration therefore our Privacy Policy is simple and straight forward. We neither share any of our visitors’ data with others nor do we store any of them for personal use except that which we believe could help us to understand our readers’ interest in this site, to serve them better.

Terms Of Acceptance provides services to its visitors with following terms. These terms and conditions are not final and are subject to change any time without any prior notification. Therefore visitors are advised to keep visiting this page for latest policy updates.   

Usage Of The Site is basically an educational website. It creates mcqs ,solved short quiz  based online tests to help aspirants in their preparation for exam and one paper mcqs test all our literary work is available only for sharing and attractive the knowledge of our readers. 

You can visit this blog as many times as you like and you can share its links too on social media platforms but you cannot republish its posts without administrator discretion. Strict legal actions would be taken against those who found involved in stealing its contents or hacking the website.

Our Content

We try our best to avoid all kinds of error and mistakes in providing you facts and figures while answering the question but still if you find any, we did not take any responsibility for that. All our published work is based on data and information available in dispersed form on internet and in books. We just collect, arrange and publish them for our readers in our very own simple words. We provides reference of data where it is necessary and possible.

Subscribers’ Personal Data

Subscribers’ personal information such as their first name and email  address that they use for subscribing to the news letter of this site will Never be shared or publicized. is a free of cost educational website and subscription to our mailing list is not mandatory in any form. Subscription to our news letter is purely based on users’ discretion.  

Anti-Spam Policy is strictly against the practice of spamming and sending unsolicited emails to general public particularly to its users and subscribers. We do not practice any such method and also forbade others from using our reference in their spam emails. In case if anyone was found violating this policy, strict legal actions would be taken against him/her on all grounds.

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Where it is necessary this website uses cookies to store some basic information about visitors’ preferences which we believe could help us to understand our readers’ interest in this site, to serve them better.

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